Organic Sugar Body Scrubs
Reveal healthy and younger skin with a purifying body exfoliation treatment by Eminence. Derived from all organic botanicals, these sugar scrubs are also infused with natures own Alpha Hydroxy Acids which provide a deep and manual exfoliation to assist your body in the removal of old skin cells. A light massage follows using Eminence body oils enhanced with healing agents that reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles bringing clarity back into your skin. To ensure rejuvenation lasts, Eminence body lotions or body butters will apply further hydration to maintain balance, tone, and silky new skin. Each session is customized to your needs. You can also add-on a massage of your choice.

Apricot Sugar Scrub - 60 min $115
Healing & Refining Scrub for Normal to Dry Skin
The amazing healing and therapeutic properties of the apricot leave your skin calmed and buffed with this ultra hydration scrub. Eminence Apricot Body Oil and Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion firm and lift skin while natural minerals give your body a brilliant shine.

Coconut Sugar Scrub - 60 min $115
Hydrating Skin Polisher for All Skin Types
Buff your skin to perfection with potent virgin coconut oil to give deep hydration and nutrition. Known for its ancient healing properties, coconut contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators to restore your skin, leaving if soft and supple. Combined Watermelon Papaya Body Butter infused with ultra moisturizing Shea butter and Apricot Body Oil to enhance the absorption rate, your skins suppleness will be restored with a deep hydration that will keep you smooth for days.

Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub - 60 min $115
Invigorating and Healing Skin Polisher for all Skin Types
Refine with skin-revitalizing cucumber. An aromatic blend of mint, basil, dill and comfrey purify dull skin while sweet almond oil drenches your skin with hydration. Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil soothes and moisturizes skin while Stone Crop Body Lotion evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation caused by sun damage. Skin is silky smooth with a dewy finish that feels irresistible to the touch.

Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub Treatment - 60 min $115
Anti-aging and Firming
Champagne and Tokay grapes are blended with the calming antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties found in orange essential oils to purify your skin. Mimosa Champagne Massage Oil and Body Lotion enriched with antioxidants make you sparkle with a youthful glow.

Citrus Body Polish - 30 min $85

Back Facial - 45 min $85

Almond and Mineral Body Polish - 60 min $115
An invigorating, exfoliating treatment using finely crushed almonds uncovers gorgeous skin that feels soft and supple. Active herbs stimulate oxygenation of your skin for an all over irresistible glow that demands attention! This body polish is especially good for dry, dehydrated, non-sensitive skin.
Detox and revitalize your body and skin. Using their finest natural ingredients, eminence Body Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Once in the wrap, your body’s metabolic rate will increase to induce slimming and detoxification. Pores of your skin will open allowing anti-cellulite agents to be absorbed improving the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Eminence Massage Soufflé will break up cells in problems areas leaving your skin and silhouette irresistibly smooth.

Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap - 60 min $125
Firming & Sculpting

Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap - 60 min $125
Rich Hydrating & Refining

Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel 10% - 60 min $125
Refining & Collagen Boosting for all Skin Types

Mango Enzyme Body Wrap - 60 min $125
Skin Lightening & Toning

Cell-u-less Herbal Wrap - 60 min $185
Slimming and detoxifying.
This invigorating treatment has an amazing effect on the radiance and contours of your skin. Specializing in combating the cause of cellulite, this treatment will stimulate and assist with the breakdown and build up of fatty acids. Herbs, spices and bioflavonoids will help to diminish unsightly cellulite from the surface of the skin by increasing your body’s blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The herbal wrap will tingle your senses and boost your body’s metabolic processes as you drift away with a light scalp massage.