High performance skin and body therapies address men’s grooming, anti-aging, problematic skin and high stress lifestyle needs. Virtually all of the series we offer are available to both men and women and you are encouraged to explore the full menu. However, we provide the following condensed menu of services to highlight those that are most popular with our male clientele.
Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial - 60 min $115
Effectively renew skin tone and texture, cleans pores, soothe irritation and hydrate skin with our customized facial. Includes steam, hot towels, face, neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.

Men’s Anti-Aging Facial - 90 min $155
This intensive anti-aging treatment rejuvenates, tightens and exfoliates the skin without irritation. A highly active enzyme peel reduces the visible signs of aging while promoting healthy cell turnover. Your skin’s overall complexion is improved by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in addition to leaving it well-hydrated, firmed and plumped.

Men’s ADA/BHA Peel - Add-On $35
Alpha hydroxyl acids, fruit enzymes, and plant extracts provide a professional strength to renew skin smoothness and restore moisture. Stimulates collagen and elastin growth, minimizes fine lines and produces a fresher more youthful appearance.

Men’s Microdermabrasion (All Skin Types) - 60 min $155
Microdermabrasion FDA approved treatment is a progressive method of exfoliation, increasing circulation, stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines, and evening out skin’s tone and texture all of which stimulates the production of fresh younger cells with no down time.
Back Facial - 45 min $85
This hard to reach area will be given a deep-cleansing, exfoliation and extraction if needed and a mask to balance the skin. Helps treat and prevent breakouts, leaving skin incredibly smooth, decongested, revitalized and refreshed.

AHA/BHA Back Peel - Add-On $35
This revolutionary body peel improves skin texture, firmness and integrity with a blend of alpha beta hydroxyl acids. Treats sun damage and hyper pigmentation, resurfaces and tones environmentally aged skin. Great treatment for acne.

Back Microdermabrasion - 60 min $155
This phenomenal and clinically proven technique is used for dry and congested skin, acne scars, and for preventing future breakouts.

Relaxation massage - 30 min $55, 60 min $75, 90 min $105, 120 min $135
Historically the gold standard of stress reduction and relaxation therapy, this massage involves muscle kneading and long, fluid connection strokes. The firm yet gentle touch smoothes out the stresses of everyday living.

Muscle therapy/Deep Tissue Massage - 30 min $60, 60 min $115, 90 min 135, 120 min $175
Concentration on specific areas of chronic discomfort will help dispense deep congestion and to decompress and lengthen painful muscle groups.

Sports Massage - 30 min $65, 60 min $125, 90 min $175, 120 min $225
Designed for active people the sports massage decongests and lengthens the muscles, tendons, and other tissues by combining relatively high-impact massage techniques and assisted stretches to relieve acute muscle soreness, improve flexibility and increase range of motion.

Discover smooth skin with no more razor stubble. Our experienced estheticians utilize the finest organic wax formulation and technique to provide the most pain free professional hair-removal experience and prescribe home skin maintenance to achieve proven results.

Lycon offers a choice of wax, complimented by pre and post waxing lotion and accessories, allowing the right combination to be tailored for total customer satisfaction.
  • Eyebrows - $15
  • Ears - $15
  • Nose - $10
  • Neck - $40
  • Shoulders - $45
  • Arms - Upper $30, Lower $40
  • Chest - $60
  • Upper Back - $60
  • Lower Back - $45

LUXE Spa Men’s Pedicure - 60 min $75
Relax in our pedicure recliner chair with a whirlpool foot soak followed by a heavy-duty salt-scrub exfoliation, callus, nail, and cuticle care. A deep foot massage will relax your entire body, and your nails will be buffed to a high gloss shine.

LUXE Spa Men’s Manicure - 45 min $26
This treatment begins with an exfoliation rub and intensive hand and arm massage using an ultra-hydrating lotion followed by a hot towel wrap. Manicure includes cuticle treatment and nail shaping.
Hydrating Mask for Hans and Feet - $8
Re-energize and hydrate with this aromatic masque. Mineral clays create a deep cooling sensation that will relax away stress and leave the hands and feet feeling soft and refreshed.

Paraffin Hydrating Treatment - Hands $15, Feet $20
Warm paraffin delivers heat and hydration for soft, smooth skin and protection from dry, rough, achy, or irritated hands and feet.

Aqua Detox - 30 min $60
The revolutionary that detoxifies, re-balances, and re-energizes your body without exercise, funny drinks, or a special diet. Experience the Aqua Detox advantage. Research has shown that the benefits of those receiving treatment have had increased
Energy Levels
Sense of Well Being
Organ Energy
Nutrient Absorption
Foot Reflexology - 30 min $65
A four thousand year old therapy founded on the concept that the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet contain reflex points that connect to all organs of the body. Specific pressure techniques detect imbalances and dissipate energetic blocks to alleviate stress and promote the body’s ability to heal itself.